January 2, 2012
So Long, 2011!

2011 was an awesome year. I helped out with the colours on a hit book* for a brief period. The Li’l Depressed Boy went from being a webcomic with a handful** of readers to a monthly comic book with a slightly larger handful*** of readers. My favorite musician****, Kepi Ghoulie wrote and released an EP based on my book. After years of asking, someone finally made me an LDB doll*****. I spent my first con behind a table for the first time in a long time, and got to meet so many wonderful people in person******. I went on road trips with friends and got to see bands I love******. I even got 14 year old work of mine in print. Most importantly, my wonderful girlfriend, Jenna, became my lovely wife!

So, yeah. 2011 was pretty good********. You’ve got a lot too live up to, 2012 — but I got faith in you. I know some of the stuff we’ve yet to announce and our plans are pretty good.

If you picked up Sina and I’s book this last year: Thank you! You’re playing enabler to our dreams. You are a vital part of all of this. We couldn’t do it without you. We appreciate you more than you’ll ever know.

* John Layman and Rob Guillory’s Chew. Great book. Read it.
** 1.6k readers in January last year.
*** I don’t know if I’m allowed to say what our sales are on the book, but let’s just say we have many, many more readers than we had last year.
**** And I mean FAV’RIT!
***** Thanks, Vani!
****** Thanks for coming by and saying Hi, everybody!
******* Thanks for putting on an awesome show Andrew Jackson Jihad!
******** And by pretty good, I mean downright awesome. I just didn’t want to type awesome twice in the same post, but whatever. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME.

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